What’s theprocess?
WHY USE A LIGHTING DESIGNER?Lighting designers understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design. We can deliver the best solution for your project. We will select cost effective, energy efficient products which in the long term can lead to significant savings. We create lighting schemes that achieve the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. We offer a unique value added resource. In many instances a lighting designer will actually reduce the project construction and operation costs.
Why usea lighting designer?
Whyuse us?
WHY USE US?We always provide a personal and comprehensive service. We aim to add extra value to your project through good design. We offer a whole range of services from consultancy to installation. You can choose the package that suits you. We are just as comfortable working with contemporary bespoke properties as we are with listed buildings in conservation areas. We produce designs that are creative, innovative and individual - much more than just functional lighting.
What’s the process?
HOW MUCH?If you contact us for advice we offer a FREE one-hour consultation at our showroom in Oakham or we are happy to visit you on-site. An on-site consultation normally takes around 1-2 hours depending on the scale of the project . Our fees are charged at £75 per hour, plus travel expenses if you are over an hour away from our showroom in Oakham. We are happy to provide an estimate beforehand. We can help save you money in the long term by maximising your investment. Our design fees are calculated according to the scale of the project and we will provide an estimate of costs at the initial consultation. Expenses, such as travel may be charged separately. Fees will subject to VAT at the current rate. Please contact us for a copy of our Terms & Conditions.
WHAT’S THE PROCESS? After the initial consultation we will provide you with a full quotation for our lighting design service.  The quote will detail the options available.  For example - Lighting Plans and Specification When we have your approval we will produce Auto-cad drawings to show positioning details, luminaire specification and design notes.  We then recommend a follow-up meeting to go through the design and to discuss any further suggestions or alterations. In order to fully visualise the lighting scheme we can also supply 3D rendered images. Once the design is agreed we can then produce the wiring diagram and technical report for the electrician. This complete design package contains all the information needed for tender and installation. Order ManagementWe will arrange for all your products to be labelled and packaged by circuit and location and delivered to site. This will save time during installation, making it easier for the electrician.  CommissioningOnce the lighting has been installed we will visit the property to review the project, ensure the locations of the light fittings are in accordance with the design and check the position and angles of the lamps. InstallationDepending on your location, we can recommend fully qualified and certified NIC registered electricians.  They are not employees of Lumison Lighting Design Ltd and their services are directly with the client.   AV Home AutomationWe can also suggest a number of companies who specialise in AV control.  Please contact us for further information. To make an appointment to speak to one of our designers please call us on 01572 724600

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