About Us

Using lighting effectively requires specialist knowledge and technical expertise. At Lumison we understand the functional and emotional impact of good lighting, and have the experience and creativity to deliver well-considered and beautifully designed lighting schemes.

Founder and Director James Morrison established Lumison Lighting after 11 years experience working within lighting design and manufacture. He came to the lighting business from the construction industry so has significant experience in the realities of specifying and installing beautiful lighting designs in both domestic and commercial properties. With his practical expertise and extensive lighting knowledge James fully understands the needs of our clientele.

An eye for detail is needed when it comes to lighting design. We collaborate with clients, architects and other service providers in order to make the best choices, and then produce technical documents to help guide the builders and electricians. When you are installing lighting and all the wiring that comes with it you want to do it once, and do it properly, as future changes can be complicated and are often costly.

Many of our clients are doing extensive renovations or building their dream home. They want to try and recreate what they have seen online or in magazine but can’t visualise the end result. This is where Lumison can help.

Good lighting adds value to a property, and creates a feeling of luxury within the space.